by Neseret on November 19, 2011

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As a master I have come to terms with who I am and I recognize my destiny.

I flow with it, accepting all. I am no longer deceived by transitory aspects, but live with deeper  meaning and purpose. ~ Brahma Kumaris, Self Mastery ~

It takes time to recognize who you are from who you are not. That in itself is a huge task. However it is an essential foundation to becoming all you can become. Coming to “terms” with who you are is sometimes difficult as it involves accepting your strengths and weaknesses.

Many people, especially if they’ve experienced a lot of trauma live with what is known as the “split self”. Their sense of self is fragmented.

The process of healing involves accepting and integrating all parts of ourselves, even the parts that we feel ashamed of, label as “bad” or hide.

Integration is the first step in finding deeper meaning and purpose in our life. The further we get in our journey back to wholeness the more sense we can make of our life and our world. Ultimately our life’s work is to return back to our wholeness, to who we truly are.

Knowing who we are and becoming more of who we truly are makes it easier for us to find our purpose in life and align with it. Once we know who we are, almost automatically it becomes simple to go with the flow of life. You learn to let go of resistance and you surrender. You let life carry you. Life is so much more fun and joyful that way. No more effort, trying, and struggling.

True wisdom is knowing and understanding yourself.

Wisdom is embracing the journey of becoming who you truly are. Wisdom is love. Wisdom is letting go. Wisdom is accepting all parts of yourself. Wisdom is something that comes with life experience and learning.

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