Transitions and Change

by Neseret on July 2, 2011

WaveGrief is perhaps an unknown territory for you. You might feel both helpless and hopeless without a sense of a “map” for the journey. Confusion is the hallmark of a transition. To rebuild both your inner and outer world is a major project. ~ Anne Grant

Change. Transition. Confusion. Growing Pains. Mixed Emotions. Self development. Spiritual Transformation. These are just a few of the words I would choose to describe where I’m at right now. I definitely don’t have ‘a sense of a map’ for this journey I’m on. I realize I still don’t have it figured out and I don’t have all the answers. Once again all the walls I’ve built have come tumbling down. I need to rebuild.

Grief is a known territory for me yet this time around I do not feel helpless or hopeless. I feel completely at peace with all that has transpired to bring me to this moment. I feel grateful to be alive to experience this transition. Nevertheless I have needed time to get some clarity in my life. The past month or so I have felt like I was in a thick fog and found myself longing for a ray of sunshine.

Insight and clarity come with time. I couldn’t rush it. So, I accepted I was confused and became comfortable with not knowing.

At this point I’m still not completely out of the woods, but in the process of learning to become still I’ve gained the directions I need to move forward. I’m talking about just knowing the next step to take and being totally comfortable and at peace with that step.

I am thankful that I have this opportunity to repair and rebuild. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to start over, learn and grow. I’m blessed to be able to go through this transition at this point in my life. The timing is right. I was starting to feel like I was going around in circles and going nowhere fast. I was spinning my wheels.

The past couple of months I’ve taken a step back and have made a 180 degree turn. A new chapter has opened. A new beginning. Fresh start.

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