Dating: No Gut No Glory

by Neseret on January 22, 2012

Tweet This is an exerpt from Joni Hilton’s book “Dating: No Gut No Glory“. “It isn’t even feeling smitten when you’re together; it’s loving just as much when you’re apart. It isn’t being so obsessed that you can hardly eat; it is feeling so secure and happy that you eat sensibly. It isn’t an inability […]


Toxic Love

by Neseret on July 18, 2011

Tweet “As long as we believe that someone else has the power to make us happy then we are setting ourselves up to be victims” One of the biggest problems with relationships in this society is that the context we approach them from is too small. We were taught that getting the relationship is the […]


Healing Relationships

by Neseret on July 2, 2011

Tweet A relationship is more of an assignment than a choice. We can walk away from the assignment but we can not walk away from the lesson it presents. We stay with a relationship until a lesson is learned, or we simply learn it another way. ~ Marianne Williamson Relationships¬† are hard enough under ideal […]