Fulfilling Your Highest Purpose in Life

by Neseret on January 14, 2012

Tweet The purpose of our lives is to be happy. ~ Dalai Lama ~ Recently I attended an inspiring seminar by Katherine Woodward and Claire Zammit “The Keys to Feminine Power: Awakening the 3 Power Bases of the New Co-Creative Feminine.”  One of the things that stuck in my mind from this seminar is the powerful […]


What’s Our Life About?

by Neseret on August 26, 2011

Tweet Our aspirations, our calling, our desire for a genuine life, is to see the truth of who we really are – that the nature of our Being is connectedness and love, not the illusions of a separate self to which our suffering clings. It is from this awareness that Life can flow through us; […]


Awakening To Your Inner Calling

by Neseret on August 20, 2011

Tweet Your greatest work uses your pain, dreams & talents to serve others and in turn brings you abundance. ~ Anastasia Montejano Some people know from a young age exactly what they’re suppose to do with their lives. They know what they want, and what makes them feel happy and fulfilled. They recognize and nurture their gifts […]


Are You Going In The Right Path?

by Neseret on July 13, 2011

Tweet I step out beyond the known to claim the riches of my true potential. ~ Alan Cohen ~ We each have a unique path in life. We have unique talents and gifts and a purpose we can only fulfil the best way. For many people this overall purpose in life is not clear. It […]