Sadness is o.k and You’re o.k!

by Neseret on December 17, 2011

CIMG5582“Our sadness is an energy we discharge in order to heal.

…Sadness is painful. We try to avoid it. Actually discharging sadness releases the energy involved in our emotional pain. To hold it in is to freeze the pain within us. The therapeutic slogan is that grieving is the ‘healing feeling’.” ~ John Bradshaw ~

We all experience a range and myriad of emotions moment by moment. Sadness is perhaps one of the most common of human emotions. It is one of our primary emotions. So why do we have such a hard time experiencing sadness?

In many cultures and societies sadness is accepted as a normal part of life. In other places sadness is not o.k. It is hidden and discouraged from a very young age.

Think about the statements “Don’t be sad!” or the question “Are you o.k?”. If you are sad the assumption is “You’re not o.k!” Of course most people often respond to this question with “I’m o.k”. Rarely do people say

“I’m not o.k.” or “I am sad.”

Another widespread phenomenon occurs among parents of young children. Many parents don’t express or show emotions of sadness in front of their children. This maybe because of fear of damaging or traumatizing them in some way. However what is more damaging in the long run as it teaches children feelings of sadness as something wrong, something not o.k.

How comfortable are you with feeling your feelings of sadness?

Repressing sadness or any other feeling for that matter often leads to toxic internal turmoil. In one way or another the emotion is going to come out.

Unexpressed sadness, pain, fear and grief is often masked as anger.

There are many situations in life where we experience sadness and appropriately so. You may be separated from or lost a loved one. You suffered some type of trauma and are grieving the loss of your innocence and safety. You hurt people you care about through unfortunate mistakes.

There are so many different situations in life that warrant sadness and grief. Everyone is different in the way they experience sadness and for what reasons. We’re all entitled to our feelings including sadness and grief.

It is o.k to be sad sometimes. It is part of what makes us appreciate happiness and joy.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel Your Feelings

Some people feel guilty about being sad. They tend to beat themselves for feeling the way they feel. I know this is something I’ve struggled with in the past. I use to think that I should have a legitimate reasons to be sad and sometimes there were none. I just felt sad.

The reason why you’re feeling sad may not be completely clear to you right away. It may take time to zero in on what you’re sad about. People close to you often ask why you’re feeling sad and it is all right for you to say “I don’t really know! I’ll let you know when I figure it out.”

There are those times when you will feel sad for no apparent reason. There are no obvious issues or life situations that are causing you to be sad. In those cases it maybe something chemical/hormonal or medical. This is also true if the feelings of sadness persists for long periods.

“It is o.k to be sad sometimes. Sadness is just another feeling. I allow it to be and then it passes away.” ~Louise L. Hay

If the sadness doesn’t pass away and is accompanied by other symptoms such as feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, lack of appetite, lack of sleep, and thoughts of harming yourself you could be suffering from depression.

Depression is a serious illness that is treatable. It is very important to understand the difference between sadness and depression. Sadness is a normal part of life and depression is a treatable illness. If you suspect you’re suffering from depression seek professional help.

Please take time to share below your experiences with the feeling of sadness. Do you feel comfortable expressing sadness? Do you give yourself permission to feel all of your feelings?

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