Questions to Start and End Your Day

by Neseret on June 28, 2011

Świt nad KosQuestions to start the day…

What are my goals for today?

What are the 5 most important things for me to do today?

What new knowledge can I gain today?

What acts of kindness can I do today?

What one trait would I like to excel in today?

What challenges might I face today? What is the best way to handle them?

If today was the last day of my life what would I made certain to do?

What would I like written in my tombstone? What can I do in that area?

What is important for me to remember today?

What thoughts, words, and actions will make today a great day?

Questions to end the day…

What was my greatest moment today?

What am I grateful for today?

What have I done to further my major goals?

What new knowledge did I gain or review today?

What acts of kindness did I do today?

What positive traits did I express today?

What have I done today for self improvement?

If I could live today over again what would I have done better?

What positive self suggestions can I tell myself as I fall asleep?

~ by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin ~

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