Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

by Neseret on July 1, 2011

LisaMost people are familiar with PMS and its signs and symptoms. There are many different physical and psychological symptoms associated with PMS. Majority of women experiences one or many of the symptoms of PMS with their approaching period.

PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) on the other hand is only experienced by a small percentage of women.

PMS affects as much as 80% of women while PMDD affects about 3-8% of women.

What is PMDD? In short it is PMS on Steroids. PMDD is a severe form of PMS. Many of the signs and symptoms of PMDD are similar to those of PMS but intensified. The symptoms typically start a week to 10 days before your period as suppose to 3-5 days with PMS.

Sometimes the symptoms can be extremely debilitating impairing your personal, social, and work life. If you don’t know what is happening, you may think you are suffering from depression.

The signs and symptoms of PMDD can be so severe to a point of mimicking the symptoms of clinical depression.

PMDD is treated with a group of medications called SSRI. These are the same group of medications used to treat depression. Some women report the contraceptive pill Yasmin has been effective in treating their PMDD.

If you are experiencing severe signs and symptoms of PMS it can cause a havoc in many aspects of your life. It is important to go see your family doctor or better yet get a referral to see a gynaecologist.

There are treatments available to alleviate the disruptive symptoms of PMDD.

Many women feel like they are loosing their sanity while going through their symptoms. If you’re feeling this way know you’re not alone. There is a way to help your plight. Aside from antidepressants and contraceptive pills there are alternatives remedies to help with PMDD.

Take the time to educate yourself and work out a treatment plan that you feel comfortable with.

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