One Spring Day

Bless you my dear for all the marvelous work you do!

I believe you will make a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives, you certainly touched mine with your hope and love.” ~ Dale Palm ~

“Thank you so much for what you are doing.

Meeting you the other day was not only inspiring, but also very timely. I have been reading your e-mails and took a look at your blog (both of which I am impressed with.). I have forwarded the information to a couple colleagues as I am sure they will feel the same way about them as I do. I will try to keep in touch over time as I feel you have a lot to offer as a resource to nurses working in this field.” ~Heather MacKenzie, R.N., CPMHN(C)~

“Thanks for the deeply informative and inspiring Telesummit.”

“Thank you so much for an information-packed inspiring Series. The calls have been excellent. I feel blessed to have been on the calls.”

“Thank you for this beneficial telesummit…it was brilliant. It was so nice at the end of the day, to sit quietly & listen to a recovery presentation in the comfort of my own home:) I have been working on my recovery for the last 22 years. I am an Adult Child of an Alcoholic & a parent of a dually diagnosed adult child, who is now 42 yrs old & still active. It was so nice to be reminded of where I have been & to celebrate how far I have come in my recovery as I listened to you & your presenters. I learned some new info & techniques from this series.You all inspired me to keep moving forward on my journey of self discovery, even though others in my life do not choose recovery. It was a great refresher course for me!!! And it was just what I needed!”

~ Betsy E, Connecticut, United States ~

 “So many thanks and KUDOS for an excellent series.”

“I so enjoyed the telesummit. It was filled with such great information. I learned so much about life itself. It was great to hear the speakers real life stories of how how mental illness has or had touched their lives in one way or another. It really opened my eyes of how to support oneself and others surrounding you.

I loved how we were given tips and the inside look at how mental illness affects ones life. It was great to hear there is so much support through books, websites, groups and centers today.

I felt the telesummit was well organized and brought together by the host Neseret, she was a great interviewer and brought forth questions that we all wanted to ask. I felt that it touched on all aspects from the self, children, family, health, support and showed that you are not alone. It was a great variety of knowledge shared.

I see mental illness touches everyone’s life and it is comforting to know we don’t have to only take a pill to feel better, we can educate ourselves. It was refreshing to here the different outlooks on how to cope , prevent or relieve some of the symptoms. Thank you for this gift that was shared world wide! ~

~ Heather Brookes-Scriven from Taylor, British Columbia, Canada ~

“I want to thank you for your healing messages, may God be with you in all your endeavours!” ~Tom Msalagani

“I have read one of your articles from a friend who forwarded it to me. It is so timely as I have been going through a rough patch in my life to a point of sinking into depression. I thank God for healing me from depression. Now am on the path to recovery-mental and emotional. You are special. Thank you for the great work you are doing for others. Your articles shed helpful insights into our lives. God bless you.” ~ Shiro ~

“I am Schizo-affective and I am having a hard time letting go of the past. I know it is a gradual process and I pray to God for guidance and strength. I love what you write and your experiences instill in me a sense of hope. I know and believe that I will make it and my message is this; Keep on doing what you do and I support you fully and I am praying for you.

You have touched me spiritually and I appreciate this.

Have a good day and God bless.” ~ Paul Njeru Njiru ~

“Nes I think a lot of you, you’re a brilliant woman and I think you’ve finally found your calling. I hope God is with you in this, I’m sure he is.” ~ John. B ~

“Hi Neseret, I subscribed to your blog very recently through your facebook invitation. Today’s edition is very inspirational to me as it ‘aligns’ with my path and dreams very well. I am a 4th year grad student (phd) that has been through a lot of things towards the beginning. So I have a very good understanding of what you have in this piece. I think I am going to buy Hansen and Allen book that you mentioned. Keep up the good work.” ~ Bullo ~

“Neseret, I am so happy to hear you are settled. I am sure you will be a blessing to the people that are suffering with mental illness and addiction.