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by Neseret on December 17, 2011

Heal yourself heal the world…

In the last 16 years, I’ve gone from shy, insecure refugee girl who didn’t speak English to mastering English as a second language, getting a degree in nursing, and finding my path to healing.

I have a deep desire to make a difference in the world. I feel I can do this by sharing my story and what helped me in my own path of personal transformation. I have overcome many challenges, beaten many odds and recovered from devastating trauma to find peace of mind, happiness and success.

I found healing through self development, mindfulness teachings/practices, and my study and work as a mental health nurse/advocate. I believe we all have unlimited potential and when we find peace, and happiness within it will be reflected in the world as more love, connection, peace and harmony.

Ultimately my life’s mission is to:

  • assist individuals find their path to healing and becoming whole
  • help people recognize their true potential as unlimited beings
  • help people overcome their challenges and become all that they can become.

I want to share with you my story in the hope that it will inspire you to know that regardless of where you come from and what happened in the past you can overcome your challenges and finding healing. You are the creator of your own life and you can achieve anything if you’re willing to learn, grow, and change.

My Early Life

For majority of my life I felt nothing but utter despair, unrelenting emotional turmoil and a murderous rage against those who betrayed me. I have very little memory of the torturous existence I call my childhood. Being a sensitive child didn’t help matters. It took half of my life to rise above my raising, undo the damage, and pick up the shattered pieces of heart. Through it all I realize my spirit was never touched.

I was born in one of the poorest, war-torn countries in the world – East Africa, Ethiopia. The dysfunction in my family started generations back. My grandmother was forced to marry when she was nine years old and had her first child when she was 14. A few years later she lost both her husband and two children in the Italian war. Shortly after her husband died she remarried. He new husband, my mother’s father was a controlling and abusive man.

My father died when I was four years old,

and my mother physically and verbally abused me until I ran away from home at 16. My mother was severely abused as a child. She was a victim of violence who struggled to break the cycle. I lived in a group home for two years prior to graduating from high school with honor and a full scholarship. At the time I may have appeared as a “normal” kid, but inside I felt like I was dying. My self esteem was none existent and shame was my constant companion. Even though I was a victim of abuse I blamed myself for many years. My childhood trauma would wreck havoc later in my adult life and relationships. I was what you would describe as a train wreck waiting to happen and on the path to self destruction.

Coming To Canada

In 1991 I was 11 years old when my mother, my siblings and I left Ethiopia because of a civil war. Ethiopia was ending one of the longest, bloodiest ongoing civil war in East Africa as Eritreans overthrew the government, the president fled the country and the ensuing chaos lead many to flee. This event coincided with the first gulf war and the eye of the world was on this unfortunate event alone. We moved in to our neighbouring country Kenya and became refugees. We lived in the refugee camp for two years prior to finding sponsors and moving to Canada in 1993.

The Beginning of My Healing Journey

In my second year of university I dropped out of nursing school, eloped to the United States and got married at the age of 21. Shortly after I became pregnant and gave birth to my daughter Rebekah. The birth of my daughter was the biggest turning point of my life. Rebekah was my saving grace, my angle and little miracle. She was a huge motivating force and teacher for me.

The minute I felt a new life stirring within my body I felt this unconditional love and desire to protect her. When I gave birth to Rebekah I realized that I needed to snap out of this foggy haze I was in and get my act together. When Rebekah turned one I was divorced, a single mother, and on welfare. I decided to go back to university and finish nursing when my daughter was eight months old. I wanted to be a good role model and a good mother. I did not want to repeat my inherited dysfunctional family pattern and mother-daughter relationship.

I made a decision to turn my life around.

I got the courage to look within at the gaping wounds that filled my soul. The journey has been long and painful at times. It took me a while just to feel comfortable in my own skin and even longer to learn to accept my past, all parts of me and feel good. Living through civil war back in Ethiopia and staying in refugee camp in deplorable conditions for two years as a young child was a walk in the park compared to the time, effort and courage it took to discover my path to healing. I now know that “the longest journey is the journey within.” The longest journey is the journey of healing.

What Helped Me In My Journey of Healing

I have found a holistic approach to health and wellness is what has worked best for me. My healing journey began when I was introduced to the wonderful world of self development. My ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher gave me a beautiful book, The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino. Reading self help books, the English dictionary and watching Oprah does not make for a very popular teen. At that point I didn’t care what people thought of me. I loved reading and writing since I was very young. I’ve kept a journal since I was 13 years old. Reading and keeping a journal was probably the only things that got me through my teen years alive.

I believe self development is a key component of healing.

I know it has made a huge difference in my life. Hearing stories of people who have overcome many challenges and still managed to succeed in life was inspirational to me. I loved reading and hearing motivational authors/speakers such as Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Jim Rohn. I proudly call myself a self help junkie. That said, after several years of reading every book I can get my hands on I realized self help alone was only going to take me so far in my search for peace and happiness.

In 2006 after graduating from nursing school I started working as a mental health nurse and immersed myself in the study of human psychology. This in many ways was extremely fascinating to me. Understanding human psychology helped me understand people and their emotional workings. It helped me understand early childhood development and its impact later in life. Psychiatry helped me understand dysfunctional family dynamic and patterns. I was able to clearly see how dysfunctional relationship with self and others were created. Working in psychiatry was the first time I felt I was able to put the pieces together.

I felt completely empowered.

I firmly believe the study and understanding of human psychology is another critical component of healing. Again I realized psychiatry in and of itself is a flawed system.

In 2008 I started to learn about mindfulness principles as taught by Eckhart Tolle. I attended Oprah and Eckhart’s A New Earth online classes. I bought The Power of Now and A New Earth and started reading them everyday. Eckhart Tolle’s teachings played a pivotal role in my understanding of my authentic and false self. His work gave me a much deeper understanding of my true purpose in life. Since then mindfulness teachings, meditation, and yoga have helped me to live more and more in the present and feel spiritually connected. The past couple of years I’ve began to really open up and awaken to my true self and potential. For the first time in many years I feel real peace, joy, love and serenity.

I was able to let go of many negative emotions accumulated over the years.

On this blog I am going to share with you what has taken me over 15 years and countless hours of searching, studying, learning, and growing – the path to healing, peace of mind, well being, success, and happiness. His Holiness the

Dalai Lama said,

The very purpose of our life is to be happy. There are two kinds of happiness – one that mainly comes from physical comfort and another that involves the mind. Obviously, of the two, mental comfort is superior and more influential. We can see this in our own lives because when our mental state is calm and happy, we can easily put up with small physical discomfort or pain. On the other hand, when our minds are restless and upset, the most comfortable physical facilities don’t make us happy.

Regardless of where you are in your life right now recognize that you have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL as a human being. Despite the challenges you may be facing right now, you have the CHOICE and ABILITY to overcome your challenges. You CAN have peace of mind, happiness, success, joy, LOVE and healing. It is your birthright!

The purpose of this website is to assist you in finding practical information/tips to help you in your journey towards healing and wholeness. The overall purpose of this blog is to open a dialogue about spiritual and mental/emotional health and well being. Whatever you maybe facing and dealing with at this moment please know that there is hope. What is important now is for you to educate yourself, find support, and start engaging in your healing.

Understand healing is a process and it is POSSIBLE for YOU.

Remember that you have many options to choose from to assist you in your journey toward healing. There are many different types of healing modalities available to you. I believe in holistic approach to health and healing. It is critically important to combine conventional treatment with complementary and alternative medicine. On this blog I will be covering a variety of healing modalities.

In finding your path to healing it is also important to choose the modalities and practitioner who makes you feel comfortable and resonates with you and makes you. If what you’re reading on this site resonates with you and you would like more information don’t hesitate to contact me. I am open and willing to working with you and assisting you in moving forward in the direction of your dreams and goals. The path to healing can sometimes feel overwhelming and having someone to hold your hands and support you can make a big difference.

Healing requires us to face and confront our worst fears and demons. There were times when I thought there was no way out. As difficult and sometime painful as my path to healing has been I can look back and honestly say it was WORTH it. The fact that you’ve read this far tells me you are taking the necessary steps to move forward in your life. To some degree you must have chosen to let go of the past and the victim identity.

The journey of TRANSFORMATION requires us to look WITHIN and take full responsibility.

It is not always easy to do this. Initially it may seem so scary to look within, but I assure you on the other side of fear is FREEDOM. I admire your courage to take even the smallest of steps.

At this precise moment this is my wish for you: To realize you’re not alone, To know you are loved, Courage to look within, Acceptance of your beautiful being as you are, Faith so that you can believe, Confidence for when you doubt, Patience to accept the truth, Comfort on difficult days, Smiles when sadness intrudes, Rainbow to follow the clouds, Laughter to kiss your lips, Sunsets to warm your heart, Hugs when spirits sag, Beauty for your eyes to see, Friendships to brighten your being, Love to complete your life. I hope you enjoy your visit here.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please let’s keep in touch. Add me as a friend on Facebook, Twitter and make sure you get your free copy of “7 Steps to Reducing Your Stress” ebook, on the right sidebar. Enter your name and email address and you’ll get an email with a link to the book.

Peace, Love & Gratitude,

Neseret Bemient

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Paul Njeru Njiru March 6, 2012 at 10:12 am

Thanks for the frank and honest approach you undertook to tell your story, and yea “GREETINGS FROM KENYA” Well I am Schizo-affective and its been rough, but you know what, this will not defeat me. I yearn to instil in people a sense of self worth and I am taking steps to do this by telling them that they are strong and can overcome anything. All in all I want to say thanks to you for sharing and letting it be known that we hold inside ourselves a power greater that the problems we face and we have a capacity rise up over any situation that is deemed impossible. Do have a lovely day and Peace.


Neseret March 6, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Hi Paul,

You’re welcome! Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. It sounds like you’re engaged in wonderful work yourself. It is absolutely true that we can overcome any challenges in our lives. If we have hope and a willingness to face our fears anything is possible. Thank you for all you do to help people using your life. I sense you have a deep desire to help people and that is wonderful.

Wishing you blessings and peace,



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