Mental Health Telesummit FAQ’s

“The best way to break down stigma is through ‘contact-based education’ – meeting and talking with people who can share their experiences of mental illness and recovery.” ~ Changing Directions, Changing Lives: The Mental Health Strategy for Canada, May 2012 ~

What is a Telesummit? 

A telesummit is a virtual event, a virtual gathering. “A telesummit is similar to a conference phone call, where two or more people can be on the same phone line at the same time. You can also access a telesummit through the web as a webcast. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people can all listen to one or more presenters at the same time over what’s called a telephone ‘bridge’ line or online on a webcast.

No traveling. No waiting in line. No hotel, transportation, or meals costs. Instead of attending a conference in person, you can listen and learn from the comfort of your favorite place in your home or studio. Each expert (mental health and addiction professional) will be speaking to you on a telephone located in their home or office while you listen to them from your home, or office. This allows for quiet, focused, uninterrupted learning time from anywhere in the world.”

When is the Mental Health Telesummit?

It is happening from September 4 – 27th, 2012.

Why a Mental Health Telesummit?

I have so many personal reasons for putting together a Mental Health Telesummit, but for now I’m going to share with you reasons so eloquently addressed by the new “Mental Health Strategy for Canada“.

Because….”The best way to break down stigma is through ‘contact-based education’ – meeting and talking with people who can share their experiences of mental illness and recovery.”

Because…”In any given year, one in 5 people in Canada experiences mental health problem or illness, with a cost to the economy of well in excess of 50 Billion.”

Because…”Stigma and the fear of being labeled prevent many people from looking for help. Finding the right service can be a serious challenge. Some people do not recognize that they have a problem, whether from lack of knowledge  or because the illness itself can prevent people from understanding what is happening to them and that help would make a difference.”

Because….”We believe that there now exists an historic opportunity to make a difference. It will not be easy, but the winds of change have been swirling about the mental health system for many years.”

Because….”We can and must defeat the stigma that has blighted people’s attitudes for far too long and has fed the discrimination that so many have endured. We can and must ensure that everyone who confronts mental health problem or illness is able to count on the same support, treatment, and services as anyone who is facing a physical health challenge. We can and must promote mental health in all walks of life, and do everything possible to reduce people’s risk of developing a mental health problem or illness, or of becoming so desperate as to contemplate suicide.”

Because…”As a country, we must pay greater attention to promotion of mental health for the entire population and to the prevention of mental illness wherever possible. Compelling evidence for the effectiveness of promotion and prevention programs has been accumulating in Canada and internationally for many years, and we cannot afford to wait any longer to implement these programs as widely as possible.”

Note: Detailed information to follow. Check this page frequently for further updates.