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  • You’re sick and tired of feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed.
  • You’re struggling with addiction that is taking control of every aspect of your life.
  • You’re tired of struggling to feel good about yourself and your life.
  • You’re frustrated about repeating the same painful, dysfunctional patterns in relationships.
  • You crave inner peace, happiness and joy.
  • You’re ready to feel vibrant and calm in a life you’re excited to live.

With the Mental Health Telesummit MP3’s you’ll receive the information, tools and strategies you need to start feeling better right away, take control and lay the foundation for a healthy, happy YOU! How you feel matters! Your state of mind matters! With freedom and joy, create a life you are excited to live!

The very purpose of our life is to be happy. There are two kinds of happiness — one that mainly comes from physical comfort and another that involves the mind. Obviously, of the two, mental comfort is superior and more influential. ~ Dalai Lama ~


  • Waking up each day so grateful to have another day!
  • Feeling good about yourself and your life on a consistent basis.
  • Enjoying feelings of calm, peace, happiness and joy the majority of time.
  • Easily building and maintaining meaningful, and more fulfilling relationships.
  • Feeling comfortable to be in your own skin and becoming more and more of who you truly are with each passing day.

I’ve brought together 12 of the world’s top mental health and addiction professionals and experts to share their insider secrets on the journey of healing, returning to your wholeness and being and living your best life!

Our speakers have done the work necessary to heal their own lives. They KNOW what it takes to Heal and Return to Wholeness. They are absolutely passionate about sharing with you the real scoop on how they did it and how you can do the same!


“The best way to break down stigma is through ‘contact-based education’ – meeting and talking with people who can share their experiences of mental illness and recovery.” ~ Changing Directions, Changing Lives: The Mental Health Strategy for Canada, May 2012 ~

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“Thanks for the deeply informative and inspiring Telesummit.”

“It was truly an awesome experience for me to listen and to truly connect with the information presented.  After listening to the first one I was intuned with the information presented and could readily identify and found relief.  Subsequently, I was able to breath knowing that there are others out there know my thinking and experience without hearing my story; but just as in importantly knowing that there is help!!!!” ~ D. Blekley, USA ~

“Thank you so much for an information-packed inspiring Series. The calls have been excellent. I feel blessed to have been on the calls.”

“Thank you for this beneficial telesummit…it was brilliant. It was so nice at the end of the day, to sit quietly & listen to a recovery presentation in the comfort of my own home:) I have been working on my recovery for the last 22 years. I am an Adult Child of an Alcoholic & a parent of a dually diagnosed adult child, who is now 42 yrs old & still active. It was so nice to be reminded of where I have been & to celebrate how far I have come in my recovery as I listened to you & your presenters. I learned some new info & techniques from this series.You all inspired me to keep moving forward on my journey of self discovery, even though others in my life do not choose recovery. It was a great refresher course for me!!! And it was just what I needed!”

~ Betsy E, Connecticut, United States ~

 “So many thanks and KUDOS for an excellent series.”

“I so enjoyed the telesummit. It was filled with such great information. I learned so much about life itself. It was great to hear the speakers real life stories of how how mental illness has or had touched their lives in one way or another. It really opened my eyes of how to support oneself and others surrounding you.

I loved how we were given tips and the inside look at how mental illness affects ones life. It was great to hear there is so much support through books, websites, groups and centers today.

I felt the telesummit was well organized and brought together by the host Neseret, she was a great interviewer and brought forth questions that we all wanted to ask. I felt that it touched on all aspects from the self, children, family, health, support and showed that you are not alone. It was a great variety of knowledge shared.

I see mental illness touches everyone’s life and it is comforting to know we don’t have to only take a pill to feel better, we can educate ourselves. It was refreshing to here the different outlooks on how to cope , prevent or relieve some of the symptoms. Thank you for this gift that was shared world wide! ~

~ Heather BrookesScriven from Taylor, British Columbia, Canada ~

Here are the speakers and MP3’s included in the Mental Health Telesummit package.

Darlene Barriere

Healing is a Choice: Re-interpreting What Happened to You and Turning Pain into Power!

~ How our emotions talk to us and why we need to listen
~ What forgiveness really is and how sustained anger is poison to Who We Really Are
~ 3 steps to replace negative thoughts about your Self and Turn Pain into Power

Darlene Barriere is an author, speaker, survivor and coach. She grew up in a home that was rife with violence and abuse. As a distraught and desperate teenager, she made some very unhealthy choices, including a suicide attempt and a planned pregnancy. In her twenties, therapy was instrumental in her healing and recovery, but it was spirituality in her forties that taught her Who She Really Is. In 2005, Darlene launched her interactive child abuse effects website after she trained and certified as a violence and abuse prevention educator. That same year, she published her memoir, From Victim to Victory: How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life, and was nominated for the British Columbia Courage to Come Back Awards. Darlene draws on her personal experiences as a survivor of child abuse and her spirituality to inspire other survivors to bring love, light and healing energy into their lives.

Neseret Bemient

The Truth About Why Medication and Therapy Alone Are Not “Fixing You” and What To Do Instead!

~ Learn what the mental health industry doesn’t want you to know
~ Learn the real reasons why you’re still feeling depressed, afraid, and ashamed (it’s not what you think)
~ Learn the 3 Key Components of healing yourself naturally – and for good so that you can break the cycle of depression!
~ This interview is FREE TO YOU when you sign up to receive Instant Access at the top right-hand side of this webpage.

Neseret is the host of the Mental Health Telesummit, a mom, writer, mental health advocate, and Life Purpose and Healing coach. She helps women who struggle with depression and haven’t found relief in tranditional medication and therapy to take control of their life, feel good about themselves and create a life they’re excited to live. Neseret combines her training and experience as a mental health and addiction nurse, a coach, and a healer to provide a personalized, holistic proven approach that will have a lasting impact on her clients.


You’ll learn….
~ Why human sadness is far too often mislabeled as “depression” and what we can do about it
~ How to recognize the role of unhappiness in your life
~ How to embrace responsibility for creating meaning in your life

Dr. Eric Maisel, PhD, is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of Rethinking Depression and numerous other titles including Mastering Creative Anxiety, Brainstorm, Coaching the Artist Within, and A Writer’s San Francisco. His inter­ests include cre­ativ­ity and the cre­ative life, men­tal and emo­tional health, and phi­los­o­phy and the art of mak­ing meaning. He blogs for the Huffington Post and writes for Professional Artist Magazine.

Robert Burney

There is nothing wrong with who you are – with your True Self. It is your relationship with your self that got all messed up in early childhood.

~ how to intervene internally to stop the old tapes and old wounds from running your life
~ how to set internal boundaries to take loving control of your own internal process
~ how to change your relationship with self, life and other people so that you can learn to relax and enjoy life as you are healing

Robert Burney, author of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Relations and has experience in chemical dependence treatment programs, having worked in inpatient and outpatient settings with both adults and adolescents. Robert is a non-clinical, non-traditional therapist – a healer, teacher, and Spiritual guide – whose work has been compared to John Bradshaw’s “except much more spiritual” and described as “taking inner child healing to a new level.” He has developed a unique approach to emotional healing that is the next level of recovery from codependency so many people have been seeking. He has pioneered an inner child healing paradigm that offers a powerful, life-changing formula for integrating Love, Spiritual Truth, and intellectual knowledge of healthy behavior into one’s emotional experience of life – a blueprint for individuals to transform their core relationship with self and life.

Andy Behrman

Building your coping skills to manage your mental health.

~ Andy will be sharing his own experiences with mental health and addiction
~ how to promote mental health and suicide prevention
~ bringing acceptance and changing your attitude about being “cured”

Andy Behrman is the author of “Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania,” published by Random House. “Electroboy” is a chronicle of Behrman’s battle with bipolar disorder, his experience with medications and electroshock therapy and his recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The book has been translated into six languages and soon after it was published, he became the “bipolar poster boy.” Behrman is now a mental health advocate and speaker who promotes mental health awareness, suicide prevention and fights stigma when speaking to college audiences, mental health care professionals and local and national mental health support groups. “Electroboy” also tells the story of his involvement in an art fraud case that was lapped up by the media in New York in 1991. A feature film version of “Electroboy” will go into production in September of 2013.

Behrman’s writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine and New York Magazine, and he is a frequent contributor to “About Bipolar Disorder” and “Help For Depression.” He is a regular guest on television shows including Anderson Cooper 360, NPR Radio was on the one of the first covers of Bipolar Magazine. He was interviewed by Stephen Fry for his documentary, “Secret Life of a Manic Depressive,” which aired on the BBC, Behrman is a proponent of teaching people to learn to cope with mental illness, but does not focus on recovery when he speaks. He believes that he is where he is today because of the coping skills he developed and the fact that he never set out to be “cured.” Behrman maintains a website at and can be found on Twitter @electroboyusa. He lives in Los Angeles with his two daughters who are five and seven, and never dreamed he would attend a Parent Association Meeting in his lifetime.

THE MISLEADING MIND with Karuna Cayton

You’ll learn….
~ How we create our own problems and how Buddhist Psychology can help us solve them.
~ How to befriend our problems instead of resisting them.
~ Keys for dealing with challenging emotions like anger and rage.

For over twenty years, Karuna Cayton, author of The Misleading Mind, has worked as a psychotherapist, business psychologist, and coach to help people achieve a more balanced life. He is the founder of the Karuna Group, a practice in Soquel, California, dedicated to applying Buddhist psychology’s universal principles to transform mental well-being and improve organizational cultures. Karuna spent thirteen years in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. Now, he is an active participant in the global Buddhist community, serving as a member of the board and sanctioned teacher of the FPMT, a large Buddhist organization with over 130 centers worldwide.

Maggie Reese

You’ll learn…

~ How to manage and cope with bipolar through pregnancy and motherhood
~ Building and using your coping skills to create a balanced life
~ The journey to acceptance and finding hope in living with bipolar

Maggie is the author of Runaway Mind which details her journey with bipolar disorder. In this memoir, she reveals her battle with the illness during her young life. She shares her harrowing struggle with being bipolar through her own words along with the words of other women close to her. Reese offers readers her personal experience with this disorder and how she and her family dealt with it from symptoms to causes, to treatment and recovery. Maggie sends out a message of faith, provides strength, and encourages positive outlook in order to survive the illness and to further enjoy life to the fullest. Maggie is now a motivational public speaker for all kinds of organizations throughout Southern California. Currently she serves as on the Executive Board of Directors for the International Bipolar Foundation. She also is the host of NDB Media Blog Talk Radio of The Runaway Mind Show. Maggie is a stay-at-home mom, who when not writing, loves to travel, garden, read and spend time with her family and friends. Hearing how her book has given hope to so many people with bipolar and to their families, who love them, makes ‘her journey’ worth it! and

Cathy Taughinbaugh

Parent Recovery: How to Cope When Your Child is Abusing Drugs or Alcohol!

~ Learn to be loving and supportive of your adult child, but let go of trying to fix their issues
~ Learn to take care of yourself whether your child chooses recovery or not
~ Learn 3 tools to help you find your own recovery and get your life back.

Cathy Taughinbaugh is a mom, writer, speaker and former teacher. She has found the miracle of recovery through her children. After discovering substance abuse had become an issue with her children, she made the decision to do whatever possible to help others in this situation. Fortunately, her children received treatment and have gone on to live healthy, productive lives. Cathy went on to start Treatment, a website dedicated to sharing and support for addiction, recovery and treatment. She is committed to educating teens, young adults and parents about the dangers of substance abuse. Cathy is the author of 101 Natural Highs for an Amazing Drug-Free Life.

THE PRACTICING MIND with Thomas Sterner

You’ll learn….
~ What causes lack of focus and discipline in our culture today
~ Four “S” words (Simplify, small, short, and slow) that can help you accomplish any task
~ The difference between having a thought and being your thoughts.

Thomas M. Sterner is the author of Practicing Mind. The Practicing Mind helps readers learn to love the process of mastering any skill or challenge through mindfulness. It helps us understand exactly what present moment awareness is, how the culture we live in constantly instructs us to the contrary, and how we can change our mindset to make this a part of our daily living. Thomas is also a trained jazz pianist and an avid pilot, student of archery, and golfer. He teaches his techniques to businesspeople, at sports clinics, and to learners of all kinds. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

Andrea Paquette

Ending stigma one person at a time.

~ Andrea shares her personal experience with living with bipolar disorder
~ how to let go of shame and live freely
~ how to create a good support group for yourself

Andrea Paquette is advocate, writer, and most of all a stigma stomper. She created the Bipolar Babe project ( in May of 2009 and is the founder and Executive Director of the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC. Andrea’s ‘Bipolar Babe’ persona has reached great heights in the mental health community and she has been featured on various media outlets such as CBC Radio and CTV News. In 2010, Andrea incorporated the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC alongside five additional board of directors with great success, obtaining charitable status at an expedited rate. Andrea is also a Policy Analyst for the Ministry of Social Development, BC government and works to enhance/manage social assistance and disability programs for British Columbians. She has also worked in the area of Mental Health and Addiction as a Senior Project Officer at the Ministry of Health. Andrea is anticipating her first published work, a literary essay as part of an anthology called ‘Hidden Lives’ due out in September, 2012. Andrea lives with bipolar disorder having been diagnosed in 2005 and she works with youth and adults in the society’s Bipolar Babe Peer Support Groups hosted in Victoria, BC. Andrea is a support group facilitator and community activist who works to enhance the lives of so many struggling with a mental health condition.

Michele Rosenthal

How to Access Your Healing Potential: Taking Control of Your Path to Recovery

All too often we’re unhappy with ourselves, our lives and our experiences – and then accept that change is impossible. However, your body and mind are designed to change, which means your life can, too. In this teleseminar we’ll cover how you can jumpstart recovery by

~ Using three simple steps to invigorate and focus your healing process
~ Building a healing intention to help you stay on track
~ Identifying your joy connection – and reclaiming it

Award winning Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) blogger, speaker, poet, post-trauma coach, and radio talk show host, Michele Rosenthal inspires and motivates survivors to make the shift from powerless to powerful. A trauma survivor who struggled with PTSD for over twenty-five years, today Michele joyfully lives 100% free of PTSD symptoms. She is the founder of and sits on the board of and St. Clair Butterfly Foundation. She holds a B.A. in English and Communications from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.F.A. in Poetry from Vermont College. Michele is the host of YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA on Seaview Radio. Michele has been featured in such places as Ladies’ Home Journal, St. Petersburg Times, Orlando Sentinel, CBS Radio and The Dennis Miller Show. She is the author of BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future, A Memoir.

Sophie Skover 

Your Food Cravings Have Messages, How to End Your Emotional Overeating!
~ Learn how your food cravings are really carrying a message that there is an imbalance within your body, emotions, mind or spirit and how to unlock that message without running to food.

~ Learn how to you to stop running to food in times of high stress, anxiety or boredom and the three things to grab instead.

~ Learn how to unlock your inner awareness around food by asking The 4 Questions when a craving surfaces.

Sophie Skover is the author of The Continuous Appetite, the founder of LSS Harmony Life Coaching, and an inspirational speaker. She became passionate about this “life changing” path after she healed from bulimia and lost seventy-five pounds through the process. Sophie believes that you can heal from anything that comes your way and wrote The Continuous Appetite to help others who struggle with overeating to discover the meaning underneath their cravings and end their emotional overeating. She works with clients, conducts workshops, practices yoga, and runs every morning with her dog Jack. She currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and encourages us to face our inner life and turn our obstacles into opportunities.


You’ll learn the reasons why Medication and Therapy alone will not “fix” you! Find out the critical steps you must take in your journey of healing and in order to return to your wholeness!


One of the basic principles of holistic health is that we cannot separate our physical health from our emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being. All levels are interconnected and a state of “dis-ease” in the body is often a reflection of conflict, tension, anxiety, or disharmony on other levels of being as well. ~ Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization ~



To help walk you through, really understand and implement the critical steps in your journey of healing, our experts are going to hold your hand and show you…

  • The quickest, most effective way to start feeling better and take control of your life.
  • How to start feeling better about yourself and your situation even if you’re facing a difficult and challenging life circumstance.
  • How to create the space to having at least 1 hour each day to yourself without feeling guilty!
  • Simple step to losing weight and keeping it off.
  • Fun, surprising ways of learning to accept and love yourself.
  • Discover the most effective steps to overcoming addiction.
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid in your journey of recovery/healing.
  • How to begin letting go of the past and its heavy burden.
  • How to forgive yourself and others who have hurt you.
  • Learn the secret to consistently feeling calm and peaceful.
  • How to mend broken relationships that matter to you!
  • Learn the secret to letting go of anger, guilt and shame.
  • Hear the Real life stories of people who have recovered/healed from devastating trauma, mental illness and addiction and are leading happy, meaningful, and successful lives.

Mental illness is not a personal failure. In fact, if there is failure, it is to be found in the way we have responded to people with mental and brain disorders. ~ Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General of World Health Organization ~

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Your Journey of Healing Begins here….

There is absolutely no reason for you to keep struggling and suffering in your life. The experts in the Mental Health Telesummit will show you how to start transforming your life from inside out so you can create and live the life of your dreams. I look forward to supporting your in your journey. Peace, Love & Gratitude, Neseret Life Purpose and Healing Coach & Host of the Mental Health Telesummit

I have read one of your articles from a friend who forwarded it to me. It is so timely as I have been going through a rough patch in my life to a point of sinking into depression. I thank God for healing me from depression. Now am on the path to recovery-mental and emotional. You are special. Thank you for the great work you are doing for others. Your articles shed helpful insights into our lives. God bless you. ~ Shiro ~ I am Schizo-affective and I am having a hard time letting go of the past. I know it is a gradual process and I pray to God for guidance and strength. I love what you write and your experiences instill in me a sense of hope. I know and believe that I will make it and my message is this; Keep on doing what you do and I support you fully and I am praying for you. You have touched me spiritually and I appreciate this. Have a good day and God bless. ~ Paul Njeru Njiru ~


People need to understand that DEPRESSION isn’t just a matter of being sad. It’s a condition, and a real illness. It’s actually a full-blown public issue. But right now…talking about depression is like COMING OUT. And…I don’t mind being one of the first to TALK about my so called little secret. ~ Ashley Judd, Actress ~

“Neseret, I am so happy to hear you are settled. I am sure you will be a blessing to the people that are suffering with mental illness and addiction. Bless you my dear for all the marvelous work you do! I believe you will make a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives, you certainly touched mine with your hope and love.” ~ Dale Palm ~

“Thank you so much for what you are doing. Meeting you the other day was not only inspiring, but also very timely. I have been reading your e-mails and took a look at your blog (both of which I am impressed with.). I have forwarded the information to a couple colleagues as I am sure they will feel the same way about them as I do. I will try to keep in touch over time as I feel you have a lot to offer as a resource to nurses working in this field. YEAH NURSING!!” ~Heather MacKenzie, R.N., CPMHN(C)~

About Your Host

Neseret BemientNeseret is the host of the Mental Health Telesummit, a mom, writer, mental health advocate, and Life Purpose and Healing coach. She helps women who struggle with depression and haven’t found relief in tranditional medication and therapy to take control of their life, feel good about themselves and create a life they’re excited to live. Neseret combines her training and experience as a mental health and addiction nurse, a coach, and a healer to provide a personalized, holistic proven approach that will have a lasting impact on her clients.


“Mental Health is also not the concern of the health sector alone. The policies and practises of multiple government departments (including education, justice, corrections, social services and finances) have a major impact on people’s mental health and well being. Beyond government, it is clear that workplaces, non-government organizations, the media, and many others all have a role to play.

It will be up to people in each region of the country (and the world) and at every level of government to create their own plans for acting on the Strategy’s recommendations, in keeping with their particular circumstances. In this way, Changing Directions, Changing Lives offers an opportunity for everyone’s effort – large and small, both inside and outside formal mental health system – to help bring about change.” ~ Changing Directions, Changing Lives: The Mental Health Strategy for Canada, May 2012 ~