Holistic Approach to Mental Health

by Neseret on June 30, 2011

Wake up.

As there is not one single factor that causes mental health issues there is not one magic formula or pill to ‘fix’ it! I have found a holistic approach to health has better and lasting result. I know this is an approach that has worked well for me personally. I believe it is critically important for you to combine conventional mental health treatments with complementary and alternative treatments.

What is a Holistic approach when it comes to mental health?

I researched online to see what was out there in terms of the definition of holistic approach to mental health. I found a few great sites that give excellent definitions. I have made a link to these sites for you to look at additional information.

“What exactly do we mean by a ‘holistic approach’? Holistic therapy and medicine refers to treating the whole person. This means that disease is viewed as affecting a person’s mind, body, and spirit. A holistic view infers that disease does not merely inhabit the body, but that it can infiltrate the mind and spirit as well. Therefore, holistic medicine uses both conventional and alternative medicine to treat disease.”

Here is another great definition of holistic approach.

“Holistic or “wholistic” healing addresses all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspect of a person where manifested illnesses are most apparent.

Holistic healing is not intended to serve as a band-aid or a one time fix. It is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately; living better, being healthier, and striving for wholeness. ~ www.About.com

Holistic healing is really a lifestyle approach. The holistic approach goes far beyond the Mind-Body connection of finding and maintaining wellness. Overall wellness AND “wholeness” is highly valued. All parts of a person’s life (physical healing, mental health and wellness, emotional well-being, and spiritual beliefs and values) are considered. Taking a holistic approach involves seeking the tools that will help us attract our desires and find personal power.”

I plan to provide further details in subsequent posts in this section about holistic healing. At this time I just want to make a quick introduction post on the definition of ‘holistic healing’.There are many types of holistic therapies and treatments. Below is a list of some of them.

Types of Holistic Healing Therapies and Treatments:





Raw/Whole food diet


counseling/talk therapy

herbal remedies



naturopathic medicine


energy-based therapies

prayerful intention

Chinese medicine

Please leave any comments or questions you have about holistic approach to mental health therapy. Also remember to work closely with your current care provider in making any changes or adding alternative and complementary treatments.

PLEASE share your comments down below! I’d love to hear from you! And please also share this post on twitter or fb if you liked it! Thanks so much for spending time with me here today!

Blessings and Peace,


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Kathleen March 19, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Have been to hell back; paid good money for the trip. Have been put on antipsychotic drugs – and many other unnecessary drugs. When they came up with the saying “Just say NO to drugs.” They too must have known the unbelievable people who pass out these drugs to unsuspecting individuals – who believe their caring professionals – Cares. Think again!!!

They use people as guinea pigs for their monetary gain. The Mental Health profession in the United States is pathetic to say the least. I’m ashamed to have ever had a positive thought about the profession. My ignorance is deplorable.

I am so sorry I know of no way to successfully inform others of the slippery slope that is waiting for anyone down and out that needs the Mental Health Community to give a helping hand. They’ll be there to help themselves to whatever they somehow conviently see as there’s. You literally entrust them with your life. Believe me they are listening and the only difference between the drug dealer on the corner and them, they wear white coats and drive fancy vehicles.

They have an answer for every negative opinion you have of them and share with others. “Well, you have to understand he or she which ever the case maybe is Mentally deranged – well do what we can – just know he or she is in good hands. We so Care!!!”. Our loved ones buy it hook line and sinker! Why ? They were told – Doctors – Pshyciatrist ect. Are there to help us.

The one I recall vividly told me – “We have ways of taking care of people like you!!!” (I’d seen him once and wanted my meds decreased.) Now I’m in a Mental Hospital and this is what the person in charge of me comforts me with? Nice – he went to school for two extra years – maybe for bed side manners. Think? That’s one of the nicer moments of my long visit to hell and back.

I’m still working on the back side. I’ve since spoken to the local rape center about my stay. Been told by other professionals in the mental health field -can’t do anything about it – he’s really too powerful ect. Ect. So now thanks to my constant belief in God my saving Grace is one day someone more powerful than him and his goons will be judged fairly. They can lie all they want but the truth will set Me free. Let Go and Let God.

I too believed things like this could never happen here in the United States. Think Again – It still takes place But now they have more sneaky devious ways of doing it. These professionals are just that but not in the positive sense of the word but very negative rhelm of Professional. Thanks for trying to inform other unsuspecting souls what they can do to empower themselves. Take Care.


Neseret March 23, 2013 at 7:46 pm


I am so sorry about your experience through the mental health system in the United States. I’ve met many people with similar traumatic experiences going through the Canadian mental health system.

A major reason why I started this blog is to discuss issues as such. I appreciate your comment here because I believe honest feedback is what will help change the system.

Interestingly your experience is not uncommon in what is considered the most sophesticated mental health systems in the world. The reason is becasue Western medincine, including psychiatry operates under the institutionally based, medically focused model.

People are treated as the sum total of their brain chemicals and hormones, hence the push towards medication. The problem with this approach is that it does not work. At best it is a band aid and at worst I’ve seen people deteriorate to lower levels of functioning before they ever set out to seek help.

I have seen people become addicted to powerful medications that alter their brain function forever. Of course I do not agree with this. It is unethical to prescribe psychotropic medications (medications that act on the central nervous system) to unsuspecting clients who don’t fully grasp the implications of those medications.

As human beings we want short term fix and the pychiatric profession is happy to provide it. This is the negative side of the mental health profession for sure. I totally agree with you in the fact that even trained professionals stop to question decisions about thier health because their “doctor, psychiatrist, therapist” said so. Reason and logic go out the window in the face of deep, ingrained programing to trust “authority”. Especially those who are under oath to “do no harm” and “to do good”.

Thank you for commenting on such an important issue. Appreciate your courage to speak up. Wishing you much healing in your journey.



Kathleen March 24, 2013 at 9:27 am

Thank you for answering. Our thoughts being a total sum of what information filtered through our core belief system set probably @ an early age. I mention this because what I want to say makes sense to me & I have no way of where & how your belief core works. My thoughts are not always main stream. How would one over throw ones Government. No!!! Not me I love the United States of America. I do.
But What if: each one is told our problems was insignificant. Thus, not significant as a whole, each individuals problem ignored, sweep under the table. Not keep track of. what we didn’t know is the new math the total sum equals a tragic scopic problem. freedom as we know it under siege. My friend when attending college – one of the top 10 Universities. His Professor told his class his belief was our country was run by 6 or less families. Extremely rich families. We are but puppets – all of us. I was shocked by this thought. I did store it away though. Now I’m thinking if people are above the law because of clout in what ever field of life. Point in case The Supreme Court & Judges after 2 years – have not addressed the misconduct of One judge against another. He tried to strangle her. Yet, the Judges – thus far 4 have disqualified themselves – even though seen by them – it’s being sweep under the rug. This is the highest court in the land & justice can’t be extracted. Where does that leave the rest of US. Then when Wall Street Banks brought the US to a point of destruction. Where was Justice then. We (US) looked the other way.
Out partying with the right folks one might think. What’s going on. I believe there seems to be a lot of people playing God these days. First hand I know of lawyers & doctors who on a daily basis who do just that. Over medicating our Elderly & mentally challenged. I don’t know what we can do but try to live an honest life & by Gods rules and maybe if enough of us do that we’ll survive. Well at least some of us will have a chance @ ever lasting life. If justice can’t be served from Doctors to Lawyers to Bankers & God forbid Even THE SUPREME COURT. I guess it is a sad state of affairs. God bless US all & Canada too. & Everyone. God gave us free will & he must see what a mess we’ve done with that.


Vin September 18, 2013 at 11:38 am

Dear Neseret,

I read your questions and responses so wanted to share some thoughts. As per my understanding there is no way healing anything in the world because may be what you are thinking of as a disease is could be just the natural outcome of something else. If you are talking about physical heath than mainly change in lifestyle will do. Be an explorer. Try and see if something goes well if it does than stick to it otherwise change it.

Same goes for mental heath people may name it anything but people are just different sometimes and this difference comes from their basic physical structure thought process and everything else like for any computer operating system is the basis so if the operating system is slow so one cannot do anything, one can apply artificial techniques on the software installed on top of it to make it run faster but on ground level it will suffer and you are expecting something from it for which it is not meant.

Secondly upbringing, environment, belief systems, so far the life course and events subject has come across. So these all factors define us the way we are today. May be mentally sick, so what can be done? You need to understand its just the matter of start enjoying ourselves. That’s it. You can choose to sit by yourself and you can choose to get along. You can choose to change things in you that doesn’t work or you can clung with it and be called psycho. There is nothing in the world as such which is disease or disorder. We just need to find way.

Not even two siblings can be same even the twins than how we can expect ourselves our mind body to become like superman or superwoman body or soul. We believe in god that is good. But if I sit and do not study, if I do not get up and make tea, if I do not talk to someone and just think everything will be done and the people will understand. That is not right. We know it with our observations still we don’t let it go form new ideas, let go old ones. Have you ever given a thought, if you get a scratch after sometimes how clotting happens and you get healed. In difficult situation how your body’s response system gets alerted. When you are tired how your body wants to collapse on the bed. It happens. We don’t ask doctor for help. Our body is a extreme machine and has the capability to heal itself naturally. Mentally also if you are hurt you may be feeling like die today but if you give yourself time after 6 months you will be in a much better shape. Frankly speaking you do not need any doctor for anything just listen to your body and respond. Try to explore.

I am in my 30s but never had to visit a doctor for any disease.

If you ask doctor also they will say same. For instance fever, fever happens when you get any other difficulty like stomach ace. accident. hot and cold environment at the same time. We get flu to prevent ourselves from excessive pollens that we may get in winter season. We get cough generally after cold or flu to clear the lungs from mucus.

There is a reason for everything and it reoccurs and may start other effects if we ignore and do not heal it.

So listen to your body and mind, many times regarding mental issues that it can’t be true when you dig it on your own than also you have to address and admit it. Its a process a continuous process.


Kathleen September 27, 2013 at 8:09 pm

Continuing: Had my colonoscopy & it was on Oct. 31st Halloween, 2012 this time a precancerous polyp was removed & the Doctor said it was good we found it when we did. Colon cancer is hell, & thank anyone who believed me & helped to bring this last colonoscopy to be. I now have a very twisted shaped colon & am missing a spleen. Never had it removed – go figure. ? Can you read between the lines? I do try not to go to the medical profession – but unfortunately sometimes life’s dictates it as necessity – I’d be battling colon cancer as we speak if those who believed I was telling the truth & followed through – Thank you & God Bless!!
For those of you who caused my hell here on earth!! My God is a just God. The crooked courts – lawyers ect. May help you now – but just you wait for your final trial, I personally take comfort in this alone.
Vin, good luck on finding a good Dr. – I agree it’s best if one can solve ones health problems @ home – good old home remedies – tested tried & true. Take Care, K
Neseret, Thank you for being there for me to unload – what love ones don’t want to hear. Others prefer to put their heads back in the sand. It’s Not true if I say it’s NOT works for awhile too. Eyes opened wide!! Look for the beauty it’s there – & free – Gods gift to all of us – NATURE!!! & CHILDREN!!!


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