Healing is Change

by Neseret on March 17, 2012

Flower 45The necessity of change makes healing a terrifying experience for many people.

Healing requires taking action. It is not a passive event. We are meant to draw on our inner resources, to find the material strength to leave behind our outmoded beliefs and behaviours, and to see ourselves in new healthy ways – to take up our bed and walk.  ~Caroline Myss, Ph.D from Anatomy of the Spirit ~

You’re experiencing a lot of stess, pain, and unhappiness in your life. Your relationships are in turmoil. Your health is deteriorating. You feel like you’re not moving forward in the direction of your dreams and goals. You’re just going through the motions of day to day life. You desperately want things to change and you want to feel better.

However when you think about making change you experience incredible amount of anxiety, fear, and doubt. You realize healing is going to require change. You’re afraid change is going to be too much work. You think it is too hard and you can’t do it. You maybe afraid to seek help or feel like you’re weak if you sought help.

So then you start to rationalize that things are not that bad.

You pretend like everything is o.k. You continue to maintain a lifestyle that is unhealthy. You settle for relationships that are unfulfilling. You settle for a job that you hate. You get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You get comfortable with living with pain and unhappiness.

For many people the mare idea of change will bring up a lot of overwhelming emotions. Regardless of who you are and where you are in your life when you think about making changes you will most likely experience feelings of anxiety, fear, and doubt.

Depending on where you are in your journey of healing you will also experience some degree of the “incessant mind chatter”/negative self talk, and rationalizations.

Know this is typical and normal.

However if you really want things to be different in your life you need to be honest with yourself about where you are in your life. Deep down you know there are things in your life that need to change. You need to be willing to take the necessary actions in spite of your fears and doubts.

Healing requires a willingness to change. Healing requires a willingness to take small steps. It takes a lot more energy to stay where you are than to move forward. I know the journey of healing can be scary at first but as you start to feel better it will be more exciting and fun.

It is boring and painful to stay in a rut!

So how do you go about making positive changes in your life? How do you heal your life? And what exactly does it mean to “take up our bed and walk”?

The saying comes from the Bible about a healing Jesus performed in a place called Bethesda.

“Jesus went up to Jerusalem to observe a feast of the Jews. He was at a pool by the Sheep Gate. The Hebrew name for the pool was Bethesda and there were five porches around the pool.

Some writings say that at certain times an angel would come down and stir up the water. Then the first person to get into the pool after the water was stirred, would be healed of whatever disease or infirmity the person had.

So people would wait there by the pool for the stirring of the water.

Some were blind, some were lame, and some were paralyzed, not able to move.

One of the people at the pool that day was a man who had not been able to walk for thirty-eight years. Jesus saw him there and knew of his condition.

He asked the man if he wanted to be made well. Of course, the man wanted to be well, but he said that he didn’t have anyone to help him into the pool.

When the water was stirred, someone would get down into the pool before he had a chance to get there.

Jesus told him to get up, take up his bed that he was lying on, and to walk.

Immediately the man was made well and did as Jesus commanded him. He picked up his bed and he walked!” ~ Healing at the Pool of Bethesda ~

The lesson in this story to me is about our willingness to engage in our own healing. We have the power to change our life. We have the power to heal ourselves. Yes we need help and support of others to heal, however we need to be willing to receive the guidance and the help.

As a Life Purpose and Healing Coach I am here to support you in your journey of healing, however you need to be willing to engage in the process of change in order to heal. You need to be willing to show up and take action. I don’t have a magic wand to wave to create healing and change in your life.

You have the power within you to heal yourself.

My job is to support you to look within and draw on all your inner power and resources to heal yourself.  I am here to hold your hands and support you as you pick up your bed and walk.

Peace, Love & Gratitude,


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Ajen March 21, 2012 at 3:04 am

Hi Neseret, Thank you for posting this. Healing is significant of change. With that said, we are all healing. …we are all changing (growing, learning, etc…). When we actually take the time to think about it, this life is about our journey to be whole, complete, perfect, etc… As many of us believe that we are reflections of God’s light and thus made in His image, we use this power of belief to heal ourselves. As we work this power, we develop our physical, mental and spiritual natures. The beauty of this world is awesome. …and we are beautiful.


Neseret March 21, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Hi Ajen,

So great to meet you! I agree with you totally. You couldn’t have said it more eloquently and beautifully. Yes, we are already whole but we forget. The journey is all about looking within and discovering that place of completeness.

Many people think this place of wholeness it is outside of them. We are conditioned to believe that we need something outside of ourselves to become whole and complete. That is not true at all. We have everything we need WITHIN us to be happy, whole and complete.

When you realize that truth and change those false beliefs you transform your life. Life indeed becomes so beautiful! You appreciate each and every moment. You appreciate your own power and beauty. You learn to love yourself and those around you. It is a magical experience. My wish is for each and every human being to experience this realization and transformation.

Peace, Love & Gratitude,



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