Holistic Healing

Can You Really Trust Your Therapist?

by Neseret on May 11, 2013

I recently came across this beautiful picture about what it means to be “a holistic” conscious spiritual entrepreneur/practitioner. What struck me most about this picture is the message of living in integrity and not compartmentalizing our lives as therapists/coaches/healers. This idea of integrating all parts of our life as individuals and thrapist/coaches/healers is an ongoing journey. Furthermore, it is […]


This is by far the most refreshing view of depression I’ve ever come across. I love Jeff’s understanding and explanation of the “deeper meaning” of depression. And “How does depression relate to spiritual awakening”? Click below to learn more…


Everything living dreams of individuation, for everything strives towards its own wholeness. ~ C.G. Jung (1875-1961), Swiss depth psychologist, from The Wisdom of Carl Jung, It seems that it is the purpose of evolution now to replace an image of perfection with the concept of completeness or wholeness. Perfection suggests something all pure, with no blemishes, […]


Redefining Mental Health

by Neseret on January 30, 2013

How would you define mental health? Is it the presence or absence of mental illness? Is it the ability to experience more peace, joy, love, beauty, and creativity? Is it the absence of negative emotions? Is it about your moods and thoughts or both? Is it about our ability to achieve our highest potential?


“Thanks for the deeply informative and inspiring Telesummit.” “Thank you so much for an information-packed inspiring Series. The calls have been excellent. I feel blessed to have been on the calls.” “Thank you for this beneficial telesummit..it was brilliant. It was so nice at the end of the day, to sit quietly & listen to […]


The Principles of Integrity

by Neseret on March 22, 2012

I believe the work of healing yourself and others is sacred. I follow a code of ethics as a Nurse. I have decided to adopted the principles of integrity. I honor the privilege of working with the most intimate aspects of people’s lives. I feel completely humbled by the fact people trust and allow me […]


Healing is Change

by Neseret on March 17, 2012

The necessity of change makes healing a terrifying experience for many people. Healing requires taking action. It is not a passive event. We are meant to draw on our inner resources, to find the material strength to leave behind our outmoded beliefs and behaviours, and to see ourselves in new healthy ways – to take […]


Holistic Healing

by Neseret on February 18, 2012

The Journey of Hope is about the journey of healing. What exactly do I mean by healing? I mean healing in every sense of the word – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. This is something I have experienced in my own life and believe it is possible for each and every one of us. […]