Return to Wholeness

Neseret Bemient

Process intrigues me. In a world that has become too prescriptive, the tendency is to promote “the cure” for a malady before finding the “cause.” The pressure to find a quick fix for the ailments of the heart and soul without allowing sufficient time for healing and a return to wholeness. ~ Nikki De Carteret from Soul Power ~

Hello and Welcome!

Glad to have you visiting here…My name is Neseret Bemient.

This is where I’m suppose to tell you about what I do.

I’ve decided I’m a fear and shame exorcist:-) Ha ha…

Humor aside, I am a Blogger/Writer with over a decade experience as a mental health and addictions Nurse.

In this blog, I share what I’ve learned in working on my own healing journey and from those I’ve been privileged to serve.

My hope is you will find something useful and helpful here to support you as you walk your own unique path to healing and returning to wholeness.

Please feel free to leave me your questions and comments.

Thank you.