Return to Wholeness

Neseret Bemient

Process intrigues me. In a world that has become too prescriptive, the tendency is to promote “the cure” for a malady before finding the “cause.” The pressure to find a quick fix for the ailments of the heart and soul without allowing sufficient time for healing and a return to wholeness. ~ Nikki De Carteret from Soul Power ~

Hello and Welcome!

Glad to have you visiting here…

My name is Neseret Bemient.

This is where I’m suppose to tell you about what I do.

I’ve decided I’m a fear and shame exorcist:-) Ha ha…

Humor aside, I am a Writer, Speaker, and a Non-Traditional Counselor/Life Coach.

I believe people are whole, worthy, and lovable.

I use an individualized, holistic approach to healing. I enjoy supporting individuals in their journey back to wholeness, so that they can change their limiting beliefs about themselves, others, and the world.

Through my work, I empower people in recognizing their true potential as powerful and unlimited beings so that they can become all that they were meant to become.

I love seeing people let go of deep pain and suffering they’ve been carrying. 

I find passion and meaning in showing people learn to thrive and watching them contribute inspiration and hope to those around them.

When I work with people, I see them taking control of their life right away.  They no longer worry about falling into a cycle of depression and addictions.

My clients release old pain, guilt, and shame and end up feeling full of energy; some of them have more energy than they’ve ever had before.

They open up to the people in their life they care about, and start feeling connected again.

In many cases, my clients have released extra weight and start loving their bodies in a new way.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can move forward and create a life you’re excited to live.