A Little Reminder About the Good You Do…

by Neseret on October 29, 2012

秋桜There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them.

~ Charles D. Jill ~

People think that unless they have a lot of money or influence that they can’t make an impact.

And so they put off doing “anything”- even the smallest act – because they think it is not worthwhile unless they can do “something.”

But the reality is every gesture matters.

I’ll say it again. EVERY GESTURE MATTERS.

And often, it is the smallest gestures that change people’s lives in ways we may never even know.

But we are usually too busy to notice how these things really do matter. Or we downplay the influence we have on others.

Instead of seeing all the ways we make a difference, we say “oh, it was nothing” – and believe it.

In truth, there are many wonderful things that can only be done by YOU.

Every kind word, every act of service, every gesture of love matters to the person on the receiving end.

Don’t miss your opportunity to brighten a day.

What good can you do for someone else today?

by Lily Jensen  

Abundance Expert/Advanced Law Of Attraction Coach/

Master Life Coach

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