March 2012

Healing is a Journey Not a Destination!

by Neseret on March 31, 2012

Every vision has its own timing. Some manifest almost immediately, others take years. You did not rush when you were learning to walk, nor did you decide after falling the first several times, that walking was not your destiny. You kept at it with curiosity, determination, and joy! When you are enraptured by a vision, […]


The Principles of Integrity

by Neseret on March 22, 2012

I believe the work of healing yourself and others is sacred. I follow a code of ethics as a Nurse. I have decided to adopted the principles of integrity. I honor the privilege of working with the most intimate aspects of people’s lives. I feel completely humbled by the fact people trust and allow me […]


Healing is Change

by Neseret on March 17, 2012

The necessity of change makes healing a terrifying experience for many people. Healing requires taking action. It is not a passive event. We are meant to draw on our inner resources, to find the material strength to leave behind our outmoded beliefs and behaviours, and to see ourselves in new healthy ways – to take […]


Lower-energy emotions like fear, anger, regret, and jealousy are magnets for health issues. Release the mind from such disturbing thoughts, and you will find much more room for joy and love. ~ J.J. Goldwag Have you ever had overwhelming feelings of anxiety? A feeling of impending doom? Feeling of just being on edge? and just […]