June 2011

Holistic Approach to Mental Health

by Neseret on June 30, 2011

As there is not one single factor that causes mental health issues there is not one magic formula or pill to ‘fix’ it! I have found a holistic approach to health has better and lasting result. I know this is an approach that has worked well for me personally. I believe it is critically important […]


This is an interview I did with UNHCR in 2009. If you’re currently looking for a charitable organization to support UNHCR would be an excellent choice. Read the interview below to find out why I believe UNHCR is a one of the best charitable organization you can support. Please feel free to leave me any […]


Questions to Start and End Your Day

by Neseret on June 28, 2011

Questions to start the day‚Ķ What are my goals for today? What are the 5 most important things for me to do today? What new knowledge can I gain today? What acts of kindness can I do today? What one trait would I like to excel in today? What challenges might I face today? What […]


Mental Health: Depression

by Neseret on June 23, 2011

People need to understand that DEPRESSION isn’t just a matter of being sad. It’s a condition, and a real illness. It’s actually a full-blown public issue. But right now…talking about depression is like COMING OUT. And…I don’t mind being one of the first to TALK about my so called little secret. ~ Ashley Judd According […]